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Cabin on Wheels 

RAM Promaster 3500 ($250 - $380/night)

You’ve planned the road trip of your dreams, and now you need a vehicle you can rely on. Enter our Cabin on Wheels, a cozy, comfortable and high-quality vehicle designed to make your ride as smooth as your journey.


  • Fully winterized with wool insulation and winter tires

  • 3 burner suburban gas stove and oven

  • 65 litre dometic chest fridge/freezer dual combo

  • Nature's head compost toilet

  • Built-in propane heater

  • 28 gallon stainless steel fresh water tank

  • 2-12 volt AGM batteries - 200 amp hour each

  • 2-300 watt solar panels

  • Roof rack: tilts up at 45 degree angle for maximum sunlight to solar panels

  • battery to battery charge: van charges batteries while driving

  • water filtration system including UV filter

  • weBoost cell phone tower

  • gas detector and carbon monoxide alarm


  • Fresh linens

  • Fully equipped kitchen (Bowls, plates, cups/mugs, cutlery for 2 people, Paper towel, toilet paper, aluminium foil, saran wrap, cooking utensils & tools)

  • French press

  • Stove-top Kettle

  • 1 x Lantern

  • 1 x Axe

  • 2 x Camping chairs

  • CLeaning supplies

  • Bbq lighter

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