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All You Need To Know

Are your vans winterized?

Our campervans are fully geared for the winter. The vans are fully stocked with a set of winter tires along with professionally insulated walls to keep you safe and comfortable during your trip!

Do your vans require any hookups?

The best part about our vans is that they are completely self-sufficient. The solar panels, battery-to-battery charge and portable composting toilet allow the flexibility of being off-grid without having to rely on hook-ups. Of course there is still an option to charge by shore power should it be necessary.

Is it better to rent a van than a hotel?

The initial cost of renting a van may seem expensive but if you weigh up the benefits of renting a van, the tradeoffs are worth it. On top of saving money from eating out by having a fully equipped and working kitchen, you also get to save on transportation as you have the freedom to move and park the van virtually anywhere. It also doesn't hurt that you don't have to pay extra to wake up to a picturesque view!

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